Friday, April 27, 2007

Sauna box as inexpensive alternative for sauna cabin or sauna house

After dashing through Turkish hamam, sauna and Russian banya utilities I want to pay attention to personal cabins. And what is more important, I’d like to talk about small wooden sauna-boxes or bath-boxes. Of course, if you are ready to pay more than $100,000 for personal Turkish hamam it’s better for you to visit my previous post. Unless you are a lucky landowner and can build Russian banya palace on your own site of promise, I’m cooking a special many-course dinner. Still it is for those who have any trouble with free space in their apartments or for those who are not ready to say ‘good buy’ to several hundred thousand dollars.
First of all I want to ask all “chemical brothers” as plastic and others to get out of my pages! There is wood, stones, metal and sometimes glass details in the heater and in the bath-box construction. They are only organic components in my sauna boxes. Their size is small to inhale the aroma of hot inorganic chemical parts!
Look at that cedar sauna-box. There are all of healing remedies of this Wood King box! Do you know that King Solomon built a temple out of old cedar wood to keep his own positive energy? Old fellows talked about the number of rings of a cedar trunk as storing up some kind of energy. Today it is well-known cedar walls emit positive energy. In Cedar houses the air is always clean. It has special spirit and influence. It eliminates tension, develops immunity, and facilitates rapid health recovery after a difficult disease or operation. Yet do you think it is nice to your body to have a sauna procedure in a place made of the King Solomon’s wood?
And what a wonderful result of mini-sauna can come from linden forest! Linden flowers, leaves, wood, and charcoal (obtained from the wood) are the parts used for curative purposes. Active ingredients in the linden flowers include falconoid, which act as antioxidants, volatile oil, and mucilage components, which soothe and reduce inflammation. The plant also contains tannins that can act as an astringent. The aroma of linden sauna cabin can make even a melancholic person happy. That sauna-box actually needs just a few linden boards. It saves money. Generally the small size and simplicity of sauna-box design allow mfrs. to make it out of any piece of wood and any kind of wood:
• Do you want to be under the protection of magic aspen behavior? It’s not a problem. Don’t be afraid of vampire now!
• Do you want to feel as old brandy in an oaken barrel? Enjoy yourself!
Moreover you can build it with small heater and reasonable power consumption. Naturally this sauna-box needs so small place to be based that you can put it anywhere. Why don’t you place it in your office? Frankly speaking it’s not my type! I don’t like such condition when I keep my ass in a warm place while my head is jut out and is envious of the fun! But it is such a democratic device!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Living on the last floor you can build your own Turkish Hamam

Now I want to talk about Turkish Hamam. I remember what I wrote about Hamam in my previous post:What's most important in the sauna or banya? I tried to compare different cultures: Russian banya, Finnish sauna etc. in other post: 7 things to learn about banya And there was only my opinion. Everyone is different. I like a “hard style” in the bath procedure. What I love is Russian banya.
But all we want in making is to have pleasure: we make love, we make money and we make a bath steam. Do you really think we make it for president?! I am not sure. May it be for peace in the whole world? No, we do it only for our enjoyment! I feel sorry for those who like to smoke the pipe of peace. And the first thing you think about in any bath is your feeling of satisfaction. Then you can meditate on your health.
Let’s look around. Russian banya was born as an invention made by strong and bearded mouzhiki (they were Old Russians) who liked winter frost and vodka. Finnish sauna was born with “hot Finnish guys” and it can illustrate the Finnish character much better than the famous Nokia phones. And only Turkish Hamam, which traces its roots back to the Roman Empire, was born to experience pleasure in the bath procedure. O tempora, o mores!
Turkish Hamam affects the body through heating with relatively low temperature (45° C) steam and high air humidity (95 %) which has numerous healing effects and is highly appropriate for the individuals who do not like high temperatures. It is definitely used in body beauty treatments such as peeling, baths, wrappings and other therapeutic processes of heating and cooling that have developed during the millennial tradition of Oriental body cleansing culture.
Hamam is an advanced version of steam sauna which originates from the Greek-Roman body cult and bathing culture and was also used later in the Byzantine Empire. Later it was adopted by the Arabs. The first Hamam in the Islamic culture were built in the medieval times in the Jordanian Area. Nowadays Hammams are associated mostly with Turkish bathing culture although it can be found in all across other Islamic countries.
Most people think that Turkish Hamam looks like a huge palace in the Romaine style. That is half-right because we get into the way to the big Hamam. But it can be smaller then Galatasaray Hamam! Yesterday I met some Turkish construction experts who built Hamam cabins even in the apartment (if its size is sufficiently large). Anyhow, on the one hand you get an excellent place for relaxation. On the other hand you get a big problem with your householder. There is so much moisture in a Hamam. But if you live on the top floor you can make small clouds, until you become accused in in doing harm to environment. (if its size is sufficiently large).
Leaving joking, it’s practical to have a hamam cabin exactly as it is on my picture, especially if you have a Jacuzzi. To enjoy a traditional Turkish Hamam you need good ventilation with water filter system and much money. It’s an expensive pleasure to have a real Turkish Hamam in you apartment. Although it does not cost so much as to get a Russian (wood) heater in the apartment house on Manhattan!
In return it is not a problem to build Hamam in you own house. You need an empty 10 on 10 feet (3 on 3 meters) room though 12 on 12 feet (abt. 4 on 4 meters) is better for complete thrill. Of course the style required is oriental with the hookah and eastern sweeties as a blonde on the picture. It’s important to have comfortable sofas with many mild cushions there and to hear Turkish or any Oriental music. Make it and have fun!