Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I can have more health & beauty only in Russian bath than in Finnish sauna!

Bath procedure has got a long history. At first people took a bath just to get rid of dirt. Then they realized that having made the process more complicated they could have a lot of fun. As s result Roman terms appeared as real palaces of pleasure. But today we care more about our health. We think of way how to reduce our weight. Although bath is useful it can do harm.
What is the way of visiting banya? Which is better: Finnish sauna, Russian bath or Turkish hamam? And what is really good for us in warming up our bodies to the temperature of boiling water?
I have been keen on bath procedure for over 40 years. My parents were bath fans too. Having taken everything in the world of bath I have decided in favour of three: Turkish hamam for best relaxing, sauna if I want to dive in icy water, which you may doubt a real pleasure, and feel absolutely happy when I come up to the surface. And at last Russian banya for taking care of my health and to be fit. As for Turkish hamam it is good in Turkey. It is important to get inspired with this exotic country, to find yourself in the strong hands of a real bath-house attendant who can do pilling fantastically, which benefits your skin. Finnish sauna is good for north people as your can have problems to find really icy water in California, for instance. I don’t speak about small cabins which you can buy and set particularly in every flat. They are another topic.

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Seppo Ranta-aho said...

Well, you speak about Turkish, Finnish and Russian "bath".

So I ask: how many REAL Finnish saunas (in Finland) you have visited? According to your nice comments not so many.

The REAL Finnish sauna differs so much of your sauna that... However, we Finns discuss if sauna is of Finnish or Russian origin.

But I like your text (mostly those consisting of cameras). So thanks anyway!