Friday, December 22, 2006

Master Boris and his “venik” – its better then Viagra!

If you go out of one's mind once and you’ll visit Moscow – don’t be afraid! This crazy city is not the capital of the “evil empire”. This city is the capital of the Russian banya! You must to set aside a visit to Kremlin. Go to the Seleznevskaya banya. This is the place for your pleasure and for your health. You can loose your overweight in this bath better then while jogging. Don’t worry about yourself in it – these visitors are more cultural then in the Big Theatre. And don’t worry about your property – you can see many expensive mobile phones without care and you can see a lot of people from US, Europe and other countries. Why those busy men had are assembling in this place every week? Because they need a special bania’s spirit and an excellent bath “steam”. Better time for visiting – 4 PM in Wednesday or in Saturday because you don’t need to by the “venik”, you don’t must to do something – all of it is made by professionals. All days in that bath some specialists are making a “banias steam”. But only in two days at the week you can see Master Boris – the oldest and the best bath expert. He prepares the heat bath steam more then 40 years and he have many special formulas for this. He prepares the bath steam with horse radish, absinth, mustard and eucalyptus. He used bear for steam not to himself. His fitness is perfect because he have a kindly soul.

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