Wednesday, February 14, 2007

7 things to learn about sauna not to waste money building a bath house and be careful visiting banya or sauna

First learn these 7 things about bath houses and procedure.
I suppose you have learnt something about Russian banya and sauna from my older posts. You won’t be able to find such recipes even in Russia. I always rely on my own experience, which is rather large and gained from numerous visits to different bath houses in all parts of the world. I am sure that before buying a sauna cabin or choosing a bath house in your town you should know what needs a very careful consideration. Otherwise you get a wonderful trifle for your interior design. You can’t improve your health and cheer up with it. Without knowing some fine points a visit to Russian banya or sauna may become a torture. You should not forget that bath procedure is quite extreme for your health. Remember that the temperature of 100 degrees may be good or dangerous. Here are the main aspects of the bath business.
1. Free breath
Apparently we think that correct breathing is extremely important for cosmonauts. Great universities in the whole world study life support systems and supply the spaceships with essential facilities and necessary equipment so that the spacemen feel safe. Why don’t we make at least some research for ordinary people who keep fit and healthy in Russian banya or sauna? Why do only Chinese engineers produce sauna cabins in the whole world? An average Russian banya - goer stays in a bath longer than a cosmonaut in the outer space. I remember a professor who is still a frequent visitor to the Russian banya. He is specialized in space life support systems. Once he asked his students to estimate the work of one steam chamber in "Seleznevskie bany". The conclusion was impressive: 15 people in 15 minutes make the amount of oxygen lower than allowable level. Can you breathe with carbon dioxide? I can’t. So I put the importance of the ventilation system in a sauna cabin or in a steam chamber on the first place. The same rules are applied to the wholeRussian banya or sauna house.
2. Bath heater
High power for sauna heater is more important than a high-powered engine for a truck. A weak heater will not make it possible to air the rooms thoroughly. It simply will not be able to support necessary temperature with the frequent ventilation. It will not be able to heat a large quantity of stones which serve for heat accumulating. But you will have to forget about the comfort in the steam chamber without a huge number of stones. Indeed it was not in vain to use 15 tons of cast iron pigs in the Russian bath! It is not worth forgetting also about the fact that heating of spiral expends oxygen in your lungs. Then you will be more attentive to the ventilation in Russian banya.
3. Specific volume
It’s not less important for a steam chamber or a sauna cabin to work out the specific volume for easy breathing. It is significant to store up great amount of oxygen in the room. The next question concerns the number of people who can sweat together in the heater chamber. If you try to save the heat or the wood and too many bath-fans crowd in the room with a low ceiling, you do not take a real pleasure but a headache. In order to avoid simple problems do not economize on the dimensions of sauna cabin and Russian banya rooms. Buying a sauna cabin or building your own bath you can find something less important to save money.
4. Type of the wood
Aspen is the best wood material for the interior trimming. Since the old ages aspen have been considered as magic wood. Aspen stake were used to kill vampires. The legend says that it could draw out the negative energy from Dracula’s follows. Today we visit bath with aspen trimming to reduce stress and tiredness and feel better. Aspen shelves heat up less than those of any other type of wood. The light pleasant smell of the wood penetrates into the hot air and treats you softly. Bass-wood can also wonderful for trimming the chamber. It does not have the magic qualities of aspen; however, the linden aroma can compete with other herbal smells.
5. Sense of proportion is not less important.
You should not take a bath treatment too many times even if you feel better each time you go out. Four times a day is quite enough to get rid of a couple of kilos and the first symptoms of cold. Otherwise one visit is insufficient. The body should be warmed up well. Only then this can do a lot of good for your health.
6. Extracts and aroma
The healing power of many herbs and blends is very useful in the bath. You’d better start with soft, mild, favorable aroma recipes. I wrote about it in my previos posts:
It’s better to test with absinth and beer. It’s really that drinking beer in bath is not good but using it for making bath steam is a grate secret! Then you can continue with chamomile, which is great. Antiviral properties of chamomile extract are better to be tested in sauna or banya! At last you can try horse-radish or mustard. But if you want to be healthy you must know something about magic properties of the horse radish.
7. Frequency
We have told you how extremely harmful bath procedure can be for your body and health. We consider visiting a bath once a week the most suitable for a healthy man. If you want to go to the bath more often than have a three-day break between the visits. Take care of your health. If the next days you feel flabby, sleepy and superfluously relaxed dismiss a visit – take a short break.


Anonymous said...

Sauna relaxes you, but it does not burn fat off. That would hurt. This is a very hot room, which filleds with steam to help relax the body. You are not supposed to do anything in there except lean back or lie down and relax. Stay in for as long as you can, but when you start feeling chest pain, get out of there. You should workout, sauna, and then shower.

Jess said...

It can't get any better than this.