Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Groovy news from Kazakhstan! Mustard – Borat’s (old Oriental) famous secret for sauna and banya

Visiting banya and sauna for many years I used special recipes of bath aromas. I never thought about therapeutic qualities of those herbs. Furthermore all of famous bath secrets have a long history in the oriental medicine. It’s fantastic how many remedies those natural “doctors” have! Only when I started writing about banya I took medical encyclopedias. And I learnt so many interesting things about herbs which we are used in sauna and banya. I’ve begun to respect my bath tutors. But now I have a problem: they don’t want to talk to me about their secrets. “Master Boris” wants to make his special bath steam. He likes to stick to hard and fast rules in banya. They say: not to talk while we have the steam! But after he takes his famous “29 grams” he wants to talk about fishing. I tried to ask him by phone. It’s so hard to understand “how to fry mustard” when you talk through the Atlantic Ocean! So hear the next secret from teacher Boris is coming: Mustard!
Mustard is well-known all over the world. Mustard seeds came to us from India and occupied a worthy place in our kitchen. They contain no poisonous parts, but the powdered seeds can be irritating if misused. All the same mustard has a long history of medicinal use. There are so many remedies: it has also been used to relieve arthritis, rheumatism, toothache etc. Such a well-known medicinal use is the mustard plaster. There are several active ingredients in the seeds which make mustard effective externally. A feeling of warmth when apply it onto the skin is a famous quality. All you know about a mustard footbath which also warm up the blood. But only in sauna or banya all of our body can feel its healing power. And it’s a big secret from “Master Boris”!
For preparing bath steam with mustard you need to buy or to make a mustard powder. Now it’s easy to buy mustard beans in the US. There are many little Indian stores in the whole world (because there are more than billion Indian people). But it’s important: mustard powder is good for kitchen. We need to “cook” it for banya!
Before going to banya you need to put half a pound of the powder on a red-hot pan and fry it for 5-7 minutes mixing constantly till it get dark golden. Watch it over carefully so that it doesn’t turn into chocolate- colored stuff. If it does it is bullshit! When it is ready you pour three – four gallons of water into the fried powder. Then you have to wait for at least two hours to infuse the mixture. After that you filter it. Now you can bring the extract to the bath but pour it out on the heater stones very slowly as if you are cooking your favorite dish. Don’t miss the right smell of horse-radish and enjoy the right steam. Its remedies are various including the most necessary of curing colds. A mustard bath is also useful for getting fit and losing weight. It easily relaxes your muscles and calms you down. To enrich the list of the curative and healing power of mustard and make sure or check the facts you’ve read just open an encyclopedia. The remedies of mustard are enormous and bath makes them much stronger.

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