Thursday, January 18, 2007

Using a natural Australian recipe in sauna or banya can prevent a cold or influenza.

Why koalas don’t ever have a cold and the flu? They live in Australia. They take a hot sunbath and eat eucalyptus leaves every day. Everyone knows about the healing power of eucalyptus oil. But no one ever thought about living as koalas do. It’s easy! Let’s remember about banya and sauna! We need some heat for our body and some hot eucalyptus steam prevent us from coming down with a cold again. We won’t appeal you to chew eucalyptus leaves in a steam chamber! There are a few ideas how to prepare eucalyptus aroma and to test in practice the healing power of the herb. For Russian banya it’s good to use hand-made extract. We put twigs or leaves into boiling water, wait for half an hour pour the extract over the heater stones. To intensify the effect it’s better to hang about the twigs or leaves. Inhaling the aroma you feel as if in Australia. If we prefer sauna we spill very little extract over the heater stones or drop some eucalyptus oil on the walls and shelves. You can take extra vitamin C during the cold season or kill yourself by hard medicine drugs. Or fly to Australia. But I hope my advice is better and healthier.

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